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  • 1285,960
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  • Huntington Beach, Surf City USA
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  • Mavericks
    A monstrous wave, a maverick rider...don’t get caught up on the reef!
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  • Duke
    Duke Kahanamoku was bigger than just surfing. He took aloha all over the word, and in that time became a living icon. Anyone who has ever surfed, or makes a living off the sport pays respect to Duke Kahanamoku. This painting was made for the surfing hall of fame in Hunting Beach, CA. My dream is to take the original back to it’s home--Duke’s, Waikiki Beach, HI so the whole world can enjoy it as much as I do.
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  • Warriors of Surf
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  • San Clemente Pier
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  • Jack Johnson
    I did this painting of Jack Johnson because his music is the real deal! Working on this project was one of my greater challenges, because halfway through this painting, I felt it was way too music and surf heavy.
    So I contacted my Hawaii representative to see what ideas we could put together to take this painting over the top. Once we spoke of Hawaii, Jack’s North Shore vibe, and what it’s truly like to live in Hawaii and the respect it commands, this painting fell into place.
    In the end I really wanted to not only capture Jack Johnson as just a great musical artist, but to capture what he does outside the music world and the roots he never seemed to forget no matter how many millions of records, and hit songs have come his way!
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  • Malibu Mustang
    This painting was inspired by my love for the classic Mustang and the greatest coast line in the world. There are not too many things better than a weekend cruising up and down the California coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara.
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  • Rell Sunn
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  • Ride the Wild
    When I started painting surf art I just wanted to have fun with it. Ride the Wild showcases what surfing is about--being radical, free, and self expression! I added a 1980’s edge with the bright colors, a surfer with attitude, and the wild spirit that’s inside us all.
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  • Eyes of the Jaws
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  • BB
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  • 2014 US Open (Limited Edition Sketch)
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