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  • 007s

    This painting represents a frame of film from my imagination of the classic James Bond era.
    Flanked by Femme Fatales Pussy Galore and gambling with life and death. The villains Blofeld, Odd-Job, and Emilo Lagos are no match for Agent 007.

    The Man with the Golden Gun is ready to pull the trigger...

    Anyone up for a ride on the "disco Volante?"

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  • Original Gangsters
    This is my prohibition era painting;

    It's 1929 and The Capo of all Capos is enjoying his bottle of Templeton Rye, (from the farming town of Templeton, IOWA.) was his favorite whiskey. 

    Lucky Luciano plays pool, as our Speakeasy Harlet( with the Fleur De Lis) on her shoulder , entertains Benjamin ( Bugsy Segal ) a notorious womanizer with a quick and violent temper that earned him his nick name.

    Public Enemy number one, John Dillinger gives us the icy stare of a killer. The walls of the speak-easy include framed images( right to left) of the St. Valentines Massacre, the Dutch Schultz hit, and the 1920's famous picture of the Babe Ruth at bat.

    The chandelier that hangs over the patrons and sociopaths, is decorated with demons. A necessary reminder of
    who these original gangsters really were.

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  • Hotel Leone
    Imagine the Duke, Lee Marvin, the Man With No Name, and the villain Angel Eyes playing a cheating hand of poker in director Sergio Leone’s saloon. These cinematic idols have never all appeared on screen in the same movie at the same time, but what if they did?
    The artifacts in the painting are mementos from Sergio Leone westerns. The leather chairs and decour draw inspiration from the lounge of John Wayne’s converted mine sweeper yacht the "Wild Goose".
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  • Bada Bing
    I am a huge fan of the Gangster genre, and these goodfellas need to be put on canvas. Wiseguys hangin' out at the Bing, crackin' jokes, talking turkey and bustin’ balls. You better watch what you say, or you just might get whacked.
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  • This photo ships with all "Bada Bing" orders!
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  • Rainbow Bridge
    I met surf legend David Nuuhiwa during my art show at the Mint Gallery in Dana Point, California. I was captivated by his stories from the classic era of surfing and his friendship with the iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Rainbow Bridge was the movie that captured both of these free spirits on film. This painting is a psychedelic fusion of that exciting time.
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  • Storia d’ Amore

    My first romantic painting. The label on the wine bottle tells the story. Will Cupid have his way?


    The story of love…

    A man enjoys his tryst with his mistress, his temptress among the Venetian getaway.

    The Label on the vintage bottle of wine shows the Cupids of good and evil, ready at the bow.

    …Bellezza che la circondava”

    “Beauty surrounds her”

    but, the wine in the glass may be poison

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  • Bullit
    The greatest car chase on film, made in an era where computer generated graphics and steroid-ed out movie stars were not necessary. Just one cool dude behind the wheel of one iconic American car, shifting gears into history.
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  • Louisiana Lightning

    I finally found the inspiration to paint my first landscape.

    How bout some good ole boys making moonshine deep in the holler. A boxum country gal dressed to kill, sways around the gators and critters while swingin' her jug of "Lousiana Lightning."

    Now that makes for a 100 proof painting!

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  • Clint
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  • Jack Nicholson
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  • Oceans 13
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